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Increase in popularity of contemporary acrylic turntables

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Contemporary acrylic turntables have been growing in popularity in recent years, thanks to their unique design and enhanced sound quality. Some of the more unique turntables feature a clear acrylic plinth that provides a sleek and modern look, while also reducing vibrations and unwanted resonances that can affect the sound quality. One of the most highly regarded acrylic turntables on the market today is the Audio-Technica Limited Edition Model LP2022, (if you can get one) which comes with a custom LED isolation platform that further enhances its performance.

The Audio-Technica Limited Edition Model LP2022 turntable features a high-torque direct-drive motor that provides stable rotation and precise speed control. It also comes with a J-shaped tonearm that minimizes tracking error and delivers clear and accurate sound. But what sets this turntable apart is our custom LED isolation platform, which is designed to reduce external vibrations and improve the sound quality even further. The platform features a clear acrylic top panel with built-in LEDs that illuminate the turntable, adding a cool visual effect to your listening experience.

One of the reasons why contemporary acrylic turntables like the Audio-Technica Limited Edition Model LP2022 have become so popular is their ability to deliver high-quality sound at an affordable price for Audio Enthusiasts.

In addition to the #Audiotechnica Limited Edition Model LP2022, there are many other acrylic turntables available on the market today that our Stable Sound LED Anti vibration platforms are perfect for, from brands like #Project, #Fluance, and #Clearaudio. These turntables come in a variety of styles and configurations, from entry-level models to high-end options for audiophiles. There are several turntable models that are manufactured with a clear acrylic plinth. Here are a few examples:

  1. Pro-Ject 6 - The transparent acrylic plinth stands on three individually height-adjustable TPE-damped aluminum cones and carries the motor and the sub-chassis. The sub-chassis, made of Corian, rests on three magnetic fields.

  2. Clearaudio Concept - The Concept turntable has a 30mm-thick acrylic plinth, which is both visually striking and effective at reducing unwanted vibrations.

  3. VPI Prime Signature - This high-end turntable has a clear acrylic plinth that is reinforced with a metal plate for added stability and damping.

  4. McIntosh MT5 - The MT5 turntable has a clear acrylic plater that is designed to be both visually stunning and sonically transparent.

  5. Thorens® Acrylic Series Turntable- not only from a visual point of view. Thanks to elaborate control circuitry, an extremely stable acrylic plinth and a heavy aluminium platter, the turntables are made to sound as exciting as they look.

In conclusion, contemporary acrylic turntables like the Audio-Technica Limited Edition Model LP2022 have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to their unique design and high-quality sound. With their affordable price and sleek aesthetic, they offer a great option for music enthusiasts who want to enjoy their vinyl collection with a modern twist. So if you're in the market for a new turntable, consider an acrylic model and join the growing community of vinyl lovers. Check out an example here along with other model turntables that achieved an amazing visual and performance uprgare.

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