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7 Easy Tips For Maintaining Vinyl Records

As record collectors, we spend a lot of time rummaging through bins for an original pressing that everyone else missed, or that we managed to grab simply because we got there first. Perhaps the most satisfyingly for me anyway, when I find a bunch of great albums in an antique store somewhere, stashed behind an old Singer sewing machine or something. Although.. just my luck that always seems to be when my 6 year old is yanking at my arm to get back to the car, so I still get a little hasty in selection.

With all that effort in mind, maintaining the condition of records is essential for preserving their sound quality and prolonging their lifespan. If you are a seasoned collector, sometimes the simplest things are easy to forget. Or, if you are just starting your journey into the vinyl world, here are some tips for maintaining the condition of Vinyl Records:

  1. Store records properly: Records should be stored upright and in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity. Storing records in their original sleeves or protective outer sleeves can help prevent scratches, dust, and other damage.

  2. Clean records regularly: Ofcourse I am going to say this, because they are sold on this site. But, records should be cleaned regularly using a record cleaning kit. This will help remove dust, dirt, and other debris that can cause damage to the record and affect sound quality.

  3. Handle records carefully: Records should be handled carefully to avoid scratches and other damage, and always handle records by the edges and avoid touching the playing surface.

  4. Use a high-quality turntable: Not nessesarily "High End" but a good-quality turntable will minimize wear and tear on records and help maintain their sound quality. Cheap or poorly designed turntables can cause damage to records over time.

  5. Replace worn or damaged stylus: Easy one to procrastinate on. The stylus/needle, is a critical component of a turntable that can wear out over time. A worn or damaged stylus can cause significant damage to records, so it's essential to replace it regularly.

  6. Avoid stacking records: Stacking records on top of each other can cause warping, scratches, and other damage. Always store records upright and avoid stacking them.

  7. Be cautious when transporting records: If you must transport records.. always handle them carefully without "jostling them" all over the show. Use a sturdy carrying case or storage container to protect records during transport.

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