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These new Acrylic Slipmats are another great upgrade, not only for performance but it also reflects natural light through the edges beautifully.   


This Acrylic turntable mat couples the record with the playing surface more effectively, allowing for better performance and sound quality. It increases static and resonance control, and enhances flat and even record contact allowing for overall better playback.


Aside from looking amazing, it
-Helps absorption of vibration
-Enhanced bass response
-Dampens of resonance from metal turntable platters

295mm  x 3.0mm in Thickness 
Machined Indent to protect your Record Label

This is a fantastic upgrade for your turntable, with a contemporary look and feel. Any easy way to Improve the sound of your records by dampening resonance and lowering overall static and noise.  Perfect for any model Turntable including REGA Planar 1 2 3 6 or REGA 8 Turntable, and Project Turntables, Mitchell Gyro, McIntosh, Linn Sondek Marantz TT-15S1 (TT15) models, Technics SL 1200MK7 or Crosley Portable Record Players

This is an easy upgrade for yourself, it will be very well received as a fantastic gift for anyone you know into Vinyl. Shipped Flat- Via Christchurch, overnight dispatch.

Shipping by Registered Courier is from $9 NZD Locally / Calculated at Checkout

Acrylic Slipmat / Platter Mat

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