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This is effectively two high quality slip mats in one purchase. Made of genuine high quality Italian Leather- One side is a stunning marbled grain, and the other side a beautiful soft Suede.

Functions and Qualities: (Either way up)
Significant reduction in static and dust
Helps absorption of vibration
Dampening of resonance from metal turntable platters
Enhanced bass response

295mm Diameter Italian Leather,
Individually hand cut Christchurch
2.0mm in Thickness Double sided
Leather Grain and Suede- 2 mats in one

This is a fantastic upgrade for your turntable, with a high end look and feel. Improve the sound of your records by dampening resonance and lowering overall static and noise.

Leather and Cork are two of the best options to upgrade the sound quality, without causing static and dust issues such as standard felt or thick rubber options. Traditional Leather also brings a sophisticated, high-quality look to your system.

This is an easy upgrade for yourself, it will be very well received as a fantastic gift for anyone you know into Vinyl. Shipped Flat- Via Christchurch, overnight dispatch.

Leather is a completely natural product and some reasonable blemishes are anticipated, but personally inspected prior to dispatch.

Premium Italian Leather and Suede Turntable Slip Mat / Platter Mat

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