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Shipped via Christchurch These Photo's are of the demo model- you will receive a brand new item. The turntable platform pictured is also for demo purposes.

About the Isolation and Vibration Dampening Platform: Made in New Zealand. Purely as a stand for your Vinyl Record Player or Amplifier and Stereo Component platform, this looks great with a Fluro Red core and frosted sides that reflect the light beautifully. As an Isolation Platform It also has the purpose of being designed to assist in absorbing vibration. Suitable for Turn tables and Audio Components such as Amps, etc. Hand Made from Clear Acrylic Plexiglass with frosted sides for effect- It is equipped with absorption pads, and machined solid aluminum feet with rubber O-Rings. Rubber mounts are also placed between layers for additional vibration absorption.

Not only does it look great, but this is also a very effective vibration Isolation Platform Weighing close to 5KG, it is 400x450x52mm The current supply time is approximately 5 Days.

Shipping is $25 by Registered Courier Nationwide

Red Fluro Isolation Platform for Turntables and Components

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